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Am I weird? Don't answer that

I am weird. I know that. I sometimes find myself reacting differently than I should to things. Today is World Cancer Day or something like that. I am a cancer survivor. I am happy to have survived it for sure but I have a bad attitude about the whole cancer thing. Maybe I am not owning my membership in the card carrying survivor set. I mean, I understand to celebrate survivng but I just don't get in to the whole rallying and wearing purple or attending Relay For Life, although the one time I did, it was very uplifting but for some reason, for the most part, when I see things like let's wear purple or turn our pictures purple or wear a ribbon... blah... probably I should see someone about this, maybe I am still stuck in some ways in the anger part of the grief process of what cancer took from me. I don't know, just felt like typing about it somewhere for a bit... do what you will with this lovely little post lol


videoAnother pip! Background noises are dinner prep. This egg was rocking lots so I put a camera on it! So glad I did because we caught the pip!


We have chickies!!!

Teachable moment from the Beebs

Thank you, Justin Beiber, for a teachable moment.

Chick update

well not much change yet. But here is what all the message boards and forums tell me is happening. Once the chick pips (breaks through the shell initially) that's a lot of work, so the chick rests and absorbs some of the contents it has been floating in for nutrients and builds up energy for the rest of the process. On average the hatching process takes 12 to 24 hours. Rosie and Bob were still rocking and rolling this morning so hopefully all goes well. From my research, I can tell you where the phrase don't count your chickens before they hatch came from. The transition from embryo to chick is a very hard process and some don't make it out. and now to leave you laughing or groaning at me.... please understand I have a very warped sense of humor... but I have been saying "The barren woman can birth something!" lol

seriously, this has been very interesting to learn all about and I am simply amazed at what the incredible edible egg is capable of given the right conditions. Isn't it intriguing how in this little egg, there is all a chick needs to sustain it and grow it for 21+ days. even a chickie is fearfully and wonderfully made. Thanks God!


Bob and Rosie have pipped! Hearing lots of chirping. The eggs are rocking. We may have chickies by morning. I need to go to bed but how can I sleep through this excitement! Lol



You just can't make this stuff up....